Road Rage

I know everyone that drives been in a situation where you are cut off or someone riding your bumper, brake too fast, drive so slow in front of you that you miss the the green light.

We’ve all been there and felt like cursing that person out for not having any consideration for no one but themselves when they’re on the road. The best thing you can do is to avoid this type behavior at all cost, because adding fuel to the fire someone is bound to get burned.1518263153206-914630182-1852781456.jpg

In these situations nobody is at fault. There’s a lot of finger pointing, and there’s no referee to brake up anything when things esculate from a verbal to a physical altercation.

People have to remember that driving is a privilege not a right. Drivers that have these severe road rage problems got no business driving.

They need anger management, because anything as simple as someone cutting them off can tick them off. I see the news all the time when there’s road rage, it always end in tradgety.

Sometimes the bold road ragers will meet there match and come across a person you didn’t thought will give themĀ  theĀ  business.1518262609671-19639139101144281068.jpg

You have to think about the consequences of your actions. You can get fined, land in jail, get beat to a pulp, or wind up dead. None of these things is worth you losing your license, your freedom, or your life.

So my advice is drive safety every time you get behind the wheel. We have to set examples for our children, because its like monkey see monkey do.

They’re in training so you have to teach them on how you look at yourself. Lets come together and stop this type of problem, because you already endangering your life once you get behind the wheel.road-rage-338411493-1927450914.jpg

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