Lottery Myth

1518142819829-1883557305812666943.jpgWouldn’t it be nice if you can go into your local convenience store and put your numbers on slip and the lotto generator magically pick your numbers?

Well I sure do, but what fun would that be right? The lottery is a form of gambling. They say the first signs of the lottery were Keno slips in China in the time of 205-187 BC. It helps major governments to collect taxes without raising yours very high.

I can’t tell, because everything down to rent, clothes, and food is so high now a days that you would assume they would raise wages. Seriously though!

They claim they put it into the public school system. So why do I hear that teachers are being under paid, and shortages of school supplies, and a shortage of teachers being hired?

Did you know that 3 winners in the United States won the world’s biggest jackpot from the power ball. The total jack pot was 1.516 billion dollars. I just don’t understand why you have to pay a percentage to remain annoynomous. You already paying the dam taxes on it.15181429269682890999912075410040.jpg

If you win the the earnings, you should have a right to keep your identity unrevealed. Being revealed can be very dangerous to you and the people around you. People in the world today are desperate for money, because of the set-backs in the economy.

Now I play the Mega Millions from time to time and the most I’ve ever won was 20 dollars. There be times when I be so close to hitting the numbers, I only beĀ  two or three numbers off. I look and be like no…………..

Although when you do hit the lottery it’s a wonderful feeling. If I had the opportunity like that trust and believe that I’m paying off all my debt, hook up my family, buying a nice family house, and I’m definitely going to buy my husband one of these…………1518196872585-1247040166709093929.jpg

Yes Lamborgini Mercy! Of course I’m paying to remain anonymous. I wouldn’t want a target on my back. I have lucky number I try every time I play. Maybe that lotto generator would work in my favor one day. Fingers crossed.

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