There’s just something about public transportation that put people in a certain mood when they are trying to get to work. There are different types of people that ride the bus. Young, old, and children. I remeber when bus fare used to be 50 cents and now you have to pay two dollars for one way. It have its pros and cons when taking the bus.

Pros: Low fare to get to where you have to go. Some buses you can connect your Wi-Fi to. Sometimes they be on time. Children ride for free. Senior citizen discount.

Cons: Sometimes you can be sitting next to a drink, smelly, or talkative person. It runs late. Sometimes it doesn’t come at all. Expose to foul language around kids.

The route will take you around the world pass your stop, verses the amount of time you can get there by a car. You lucky if you live right on the route line. If you don’t , sometimes you have to walk a couple miles to get to your house. Which is good exercise. Don’t let it be snowing or raining. Those be the days they want to run super late.

Route 107 is the worst route that I’ve come across. People be fighting and carrying on. Sometimes people don’t respect the fact that there are children on the bus and that they’re exposing them to such foul language.

Then they turn around and wonder why the own kids got such potty mouths. Some bus drivers have attitudes when you ask them questions about the routes. I mean isn’t that what they are there for? They take customer service to a whole other level.

Although HRT have their hang-ups, in life things do happen to where you have to rely on them. Your car can break down or you don’t have no car. You can have issues with your license.

Cabs cost too much, so HRT will be the lowest to commute. You just have to make sure that you double that time riding the bus, because trust me its twice as long as riding in your own vehicle.

On Sundays and holiday schedules they run really funny, like for instance the route 118 stop running at 8pm verses the other routes like the 107 and 106 that stops at 12o’clock midnight. If you are not from VA I advise you to be prepared taking these bus routes. It can be a fickle thing.

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