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  • Hello and welcome to my official blogging page. So let me tell you a little about me. My name is Lorlitta Carson. I’m 38 and married with 5 amazing children. I was raised in a military background. I have 7 brothers and sisters. I’ve been in Virginia up until, I was 13 years old.
  • I moved to Brooklyn Ny to stay with my grandma at that time. My other siblings were there before I was. This place in Brooklyn was way different from Virginia. I used to stay on Eastern Parkway.wp-15180291718581210347887.jpg
  • It definitely wasn’t where Bill Cobsy lived at, but it was home. Going to school in Brooklyn was dangerous. You had these females that wanted to fight and pick on you because you were new, didn’t like what you had on, or your hair looked good.
  • The list goes on and on. My southern Virginia accent wasn’t no help either.It just enhance for them to pick on you even more. Kids can be so cruel. The school that I attended at that time was called”P.S. 191″. It was an elementary and middle school put together. extralarge-843105920.jpg
  • I dreaded going to school in the mornings because any thing goes once you got there. Teachers and staff didn’t care about the volience the students were apart of.
  • There used to be fights after school like that old movie called “3o’clock high.” Time be ticking and you try every possible excuse to avoid fighting or getting jumped. The school was really old compared to ones in Virginia.
  • Brooklyn NY had it’s good sides too.The West Indian Parade was  the best on Labor Day. There was music, food, dancing, and contests. Streets used to be blocked off because there was so much traffic that it was ridiculous. Police were everywhere you turned.1518033700857-1023348938-966997333.jpg
  • The bodega on the corners used to sell the best subs known as heros. My favorite was the turkey and swiss cheese. I couldn’t get enough of them things. Talking about food they also have the best pizza parlors hands down. There’s not a place in this world I say other wise.
  • Even though Brooklyn, Newyork was the most dangerous place in the world, those was my favorite childhood memories. I still have relatives that live up there and I visit from time to time. I ended up coming back to Virginia to attend high school. Had to say good bye to Newyork. So with that in mind……..Can you you relate?1518033246126-1922595457-660748777.jpg

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