Entrepreneur Vs 9 to 5


Now we all know the majority of us would love being our own boss. It most definitely have it perks. Being an Entrepreneur gives you freedom to set your own schedule to produce your monthly income. You have to be self- discipline and consistent to be successful.1518111064829291097978-1830411718.jpg

You don’t have to worry about punching into a corporate clock. Dodging in and out of traffic to get to work because you’re running late. Don’t have to worry about explaining why you have to call out because you’re sick. Due to inclement weather, you can actually stay at home and work from there.

Now for us moms, if you have kids in school and the administrative staff or nurse calls you to pick your child up, you have the freedom to drop everything to do just that.

If you’re smart you would set your future goals towards your retirement. You can go through your bank or an independent business. Some of them have plans that’s really affordable. You just have to take the time to shop around for these different plans and rates.

I know sometimes we tend to put these things on the back burner because, we live day to day and sometimes the future is too far away to be thinking about right now.

But if you look at it, these days fly by so fast you ask yourself, ” Where did last year go.”That could been one year worth of savings already. Being your own boss is an inclining process depending on what you’re doing.

Its your business and it’s up to you on how successful you want to be. If you can set a goal once a year to go on a cruise, you can easily set aside a fund for your retirement.1518110351167-693635596-760325734.jpg


                           9 To 5

Working for a 9 to 5 has it pros and cons too. When you’re hired by a company, more than likely if you’re full time after 180 days you’re automatically enrolled into a health care plan, or you have to sign up.

Now a days the work force consider 60 hour to be full time. The majority of companies that hire you start you off part-time and it feels like you have full time work calmed into that little part-time shift every time you work.

If you’re running late you get this erie feeling that people talked about you before you got there. That would be one of those perks you don’t have to worry about being your own boss. In the work force you would have to work so many months to take vacation time.

You probably get 2 weeks a year if you’re fulltime and 1 week a year if your part time. Some jobs don’t give you raises and if they do its not much, maybe 25 cents every six months if you’re lucky.

You have Fmla, short term disability, 401k, and health insurance working fulltime. Sometimes companies throw Holiday parties to show appreciation to your hard work, while other lack in recognizing you at all.1518118469142-17872296481127485167.jpg

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